Dafne Schippers (Utrecht15 June 1992) is a Dutch athlete who specializes in the all-around. In addition they excels especially out on the sprint-and horde numbers. They captured as a youth athlete already many national youth titles and became champion for the first time at the age of seventeen with the seniors. A year later she conquered the World even the global title in the heptathlon. She is in the history of the Dutch Juniorsand seniors Athletics the first athlete or athlete, who won a world title in the Decathlon. They competed at the Olympic Games, on which they released on the heptathlon and the 4 x 100 metres relay. On this last part she reached the final. At the World Cup in 2013 she won the bronze medal in the heptathlon. This was the first Dutch female athlete ever to medal in a World Cup for seniors.


[hide]*1 Biography



SA began at the age of nine at the Utrecht Hellas with Athletics and soon fell on both her physical instance as by passion – that last about the longer distances. Over the years they became as one of the largest Dutch talents of her education. On her first major, international Championship, the 2009 European Youth Championships in Novi Sad, she was fourth in the heptathlon as 17-year-old between athletes who all two years older than the Utrecht. With her on that occasion accumulated points total of 5507 they placed themselves at the Dutch B-Juniors, aged 16/17 years, on the first place of all time.

Unofficial youth record[Edit]Edit

In 2009 she had talked earlier of in their own country. During the Dutch indoor championships for A/B-juniors in the weekend of 7 and 8 February 2009 in the new Omnisports Center in Apeldoorn had they both on the 60 m sprint as the 60 m hurdles that other great talent, Samuel Jamile, trumped. They ran on the sprint with her 7.42 s even faster than the youth record of 7.43 by Jacqueline Poelman, dating back to 1992. It was not an official record, because the sprint course (and the Court) of the brand new Apeldoornse course were not approved. Later that year, during the summer season, she conquered three Dutch titles with the B-Juniors, on the 100 m, the 100 m hurdles and the long jump. It was that year even though on the all-around becoming the strongest proven. With the B-girls she had the national indoor title in the pentathlon won, while later during the course of the season on NK also combined rankings with all A-girls on the heptathlon had remained the boss.

2010: first seniors title[Edit]Edit

The year 2010 Dafne SA good at it. First she became Dutch championships indoor in Apeldoorn with the seniors champion for the first time by Samuel Jamile narrowly on a 60 m to beat. The times: 7.43 to 7.49. Then she pulled out a few weeks later on the Dutch championships indoor for juniors also in by Gold at the A-girls champion in the 60 m hurdles. Next, they fixed on a 60 m along with rival Samuel Jamile to a youth record, because both the clocks put on silent 7.37, with the Amsterdam this time her breast just a little earlier than SA of the finish line crowds. In May 2010 she participated in an international all-around in Desenzano and the Italian stood there to everyone's surprise after the first day in the lead. As the youngest participant, she could not maintain that the second day, but enhanced them during the all-around on six parts her personal records, and with it her record in the heptathlon. They climbed to place three of the Dutch all time list for A-girls. The all-around total meant a limit for the World Championships for juniors in Moncton in July the Canadian , but also its performance in the 200 m (23.70) and the long jump (6.26 m) were limit performance.

[1][2]During the FBK Games 2010.

A week after the heptathlon she set in Lisse during the traditional seizoensopeningswedstrijden to the Ter Specke Jar the best performance of all time in the women's category on the obsolescent 150 m. With her time of 17.20 dethroned them as unofficial record holding Jacqueline Poelman. They got because of this performance de Ter Specke Trophy awarded.

Junior World Champion[Edit]Edit

Dafne turned on 22 and 23 July at the World Championships for juniors in Moncton again a better all-around. Only the high jump fell both literally (it was raining constantly) and figuratively in the water (1.63 is well below her PR). All other parts were of high quality: on the hurdles a PR (13.87), at the shot put a all-around record (13,03), on the 200 m a fraction too much wind for an official record, but actually be her best race until then (23,41) in the long jump, a PR (6.30) and an even further jump with wind advantage (6.35; wind advantage mag in the all-around), at the Javelin throw a all-around record (38,03) and on the 800 m again a PR (2.18, 57). The high jump did not prevent that the Grand total of 5967 points also was a PR and a Dutch youth record. She was world champion with well ahead with it. The old Dutch record stood with 5914 points since 1998 in the name of James MacDonald, already had Marjon Wali in 1984 with a better total than Macdonald 5943 points scored, however were nineteen year olds already senior. In the all-around were above all the long jump and 200 m of superior level. The long jump would SA in Moncton have also yielded a medal on the individual number, the 200 m almost. For dessert a day later ran Maitri SA in the final of the 4 x 100 metres relay with it, where together with Samuel Jamile, Kalu Loreanne and Eva Langley a bronze medal was obtained in a Dutch youth record of 44,09.

2011: explosion on the 60 m indoor[Edit]Edit

In 2011 Dafne SA excellent start by on 29 January at an international indoor competition in the Dutch junior record Luxembourg again to improve on the 60 m indoor. They came first in her series to 7.33, then in the final 7.28 out of it. The final time was also better than the limit for the European indoor championships with the seniors. SA with this performance also worked his way to fourth place on the list of best Dutch athletes of all time. Nelli Cooman, only Els Father and Jacqueline Poelman were ever faster. [1 At the Dutch junior indoor championships, beginning February 2011 in Apeldoorn, she won the titles on the 60 m (7.33) and at the 60 m hurdles (8.45). A week later, she won the long jump with a distance of seniors6,20 m, an improvement with 1 cm of the Dutch junior record from 1986 of Mieke van der Kolk. A day later she added a second senior title to it here by the 60 m to win for Samuel Jamile and Loreanne Kalu. It showed that its earlier fast SA indoor sprint in Luxembourg had been, because no one-hit wonder in Apeldoorn, the Hellas-athlete again to 7.28. At the end of March came SA during the European indoor championships in Paris on the 60 m twice to 7.30. It brought her to the semi-finals, where they got stuck on a sixth place. The Utrecht himself was not completely satisfied with her performance. However, it would have been very special, as her debut on a large seniors tournament already had resulted in a final place.

Participation in OS and secured WORLD CUP[Edit]Edit

In Götzis improved SA on 28 and 29 May 2011 her best performance on the heptathlon, by a points total of 6172 to be gained. This earned the junior also an Olympic nomination. In the 200 m left record, a strong SA 22,90 creating the Dutch record of Els Father (22,81) closely approached. Both performance gave her the right to take part in the World Championships in Daegu. At the European Championships for national teams let in Izmir on June 18, 2011 Dafne SCHIPPERS, Matt H, Samuel Jamile Kadene Vassell and in the 4 x 100 m relay record, then a fine 43,90 just 0.04 seconds away from the limit for the World Championships in Daegu.

Also at the Dutch Junior Championships outdoor, in early July, SCHIPPERS was successful. She won the title in the 100 m in 11, 13, a time which is near came from the Dutch record of 1986 Nelli Cooman (11.08).However, the performance went the books as Dutch junior record because the tailwind during the final with 2.8 m/s before that was too harsh. Her time in the series, however, a Dutch record of 11,39 meant for A-girls.[2]

European champion for juniors[Edit]Edit

[3][4]Dafne SA in the flowers after her victory in Tallinn in 2011, flanked by Sara Gambetta (left) and Laura Ikauniece.

On 22 and 23 July 2011 was the best athlete on the SA heptathlon at the European Championships for juniors in Tallinn (Estonia). She graduated 6153 points. During the heptathlon improved SA the Dutch junior records in the 100 m hurdles and the long jump to 13, 27 to 6.47. SA started the all-around excellent with improving the Dutch junior record of Judith Fish of 13.38. They came to 13, 27. At the high jump was a successful attempt on 1.60 disapproved, because SA jumped for her turn. They still finally reached 1.63. Also, when they then remained behind at the record shot put Decathlon. The athlete bumped the ball to 13,47. On the closing track of the first day could SA revenge. She was with her 22,91 (-0.4) over 1.3 seconds faster than her competitors. [3 The second day of the Decathlon began a controversy surrounding the long jump. SCHIPPERS ' third attempt was a so-called by runner, which would be valid by the jury was considered, but was not measured. To compensate got SA a fourth attempt. They improved the 6.08 from her first attempt to 6.47 (-0.8) and broke its second Dutch junior record in this tournament. The old record was with 6,43 on name by Varia. On the component's Javelin throw note, which also let SCHIPPERS 39.76 an improvement over her PR all-around meant. The two days competition in the hot conditions have demanded their toll during the closing 800 m, in which SA recorded only 2.22, 40, but the gold safe suggested. [4 Remarkably during this tournament was, that SA with her performance on the parts hurdles and the long jump, 200 m sat down better results than the winners on the individual songs.

Dutch senior champion and promising World Cup action[Edit]Edit

A week later won SA at the Dutch track Championships the 100 m in 11.41 (-0.9). They beating her Dutch rivales Jamile Samuel (11.75) and Matt H (11.89). In the series ran skippers faster than the Dutch limit for the World Championships in Daegu, but there was a little too much wind: 11.27 (+ 2.1).

On the World Championships in Daegu had SA the numbers for picking out. In addition to the two sprints and the seven camp, for which she had qualified earlier, namely the Athletics Union had now decided to also a women's team in the 4 x 100 m relay to participate. The 43,90 of SA, hedges, Vassell and Samuel in Izmir was 0.04 sec. remained above the own limit, the IAAF 43,90 suggested as requirement and that condition had the youthful foursome met. The Athletics Union gave them the benefit of the doubt, found it important that the promising four experience. SCHIPPERS had meanwhile let know, that they would choose in Daegu for the 200 m and the 4 x 100 metres relay. Two heavy seven camps so soon after each other, seemed to her a large attack on her condition and also three sprints in one tournament (100, 200 and 4 x 100 m) she found too much of a good thing.

The choice to limit themselves in Daegu, turned out to be a legitimate. During her first performance in the 200 m improved SA on 1 september the 30 year old Dutch record of Els father. She won her heat in a time of 22,69, an improvement of 0.12 second. [5In the semifinal, she was fifth, one place in 22,92 too short for a performance in the final. A few days later she walked along with hedges and Samuel Jamile Kadene Vassell, Anouk to a third place in their series on the 4 x 100 metres relay. Nevertheless, they attacked for the final as the ninth fastest time just outside the boat. More important, however, was in this race, that they succeeded in the Dutch record of 43,44, on behalf of the Olympic four Wilma van den BergJohn StrongAli Hakim and Sheila B, that since 1968 (!) was in the books untouched, to match. In addition, captured the four with this performance an Olympic nomination for the play in London.

The year 2012, in the sign of the Ox in London[Edit]Edit

In 2012 was participation in the 60 m at the world indoor championships in Istanbul a first goal of SA. The Utrecht let no grass grow. Already in her first indoor race of the year, the international Indoor Meeting Dussmann in Luxembourg, fulfilled to the qualification limit by both in the series as in the final to 7.25 to zip. It was also the third-fastest time ever by a Dutch. Just Nelli Cooman (7.00) and Els Vader (7.11) should they have for him. A few weeks later was SA present at the Dutch championships indoor combined events in Apeldoorn, but only to participate in the first three songs because she wanted to focus on the Dutch championships indoor a week later. After walking on the 8.26 60 m hurdles at the high jump, she was bothered by a knee injury, whereby they could prosecute this number is not good. The shot put with 13.91, however, was pretty decent.

On the Dutch championships indoor 60 m on the weather prevailed Dafne SA as of old. With her winning her third consecutive title, 7.19 on this part, she was already faster than in Luxembourg. On the world indoor championships in Istanbul a few weeks later, they insisted on the 60 m through to the semi-final. Its 7.25 was certainly not bad, but a struikelpas at the beginning of the restart prevented, that more worthwhile endeavor. Now they fell with a shared tenth time just outside the final boat. SA: "I had a struikelpas at the start, and on a 60 meter you can make little more than good. This feels kloten. I want the race once again look back. There was more in, I can not be satisfied. There was really a chance for a final settlement, especially now afterwards. I felt strong, had a super start when Jones false started. " [6]

At the beginning of the outdoor season, first on the SA Hypo-Meeting in Götzis, end of May. There she wanted on the show, in order to preserve her heptathlon form deployment to secure the games in London. To that end, they had to meet the IAAF B standard of 5950 points, a point total that should pose no problems, but her physical fitness went of course above all. A preceding internship in Spain was therefore above all in the sign of quality and not quantity and also at the first games in own country limited SA to some units. That thoughtful preparation paid off, because they ended up with a PR in Götzis points total of 6360 points on a seventh place, with the Nice peculiarity that compatriot Daisy ban with a PR performance of 6298 points and a tenth place not much for ship passes and also qualified well for London press.

SA is a student at the PABO.


International championships[Edit]Edit

Part Title Year
100 m European champion U23 2013
heptathlon Junior World Champion 2010
European Youth Champion 2011

Dutch Championships[Edit]Edit

Part Year
100 m 2011, 2012
long jump 2012
Part Year
60 m 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
long jump 2011, 2013, 2014


Personal bests[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Wind (m/s) Date Place
100 m 11.03 (NR) + 0.9 July 12, 2014 Glasgow
150 m 16.93 (BP) + 2.0 31 August 2013 Amsterdam
200 m 22.35 (NR) + 1.5 31 May 2014 Götzis
800 m 2.08, 59 1 June 2014 Götzis
100 m hurdles $ 13.13 -1.2 31 May 2014 Götzis
high jump 1.80 3 August 2012 London
long jump 6.59 + 1.6 14 July 2013 Tampere
shot put 14.19 8th May 2011 Tilburg
Javelin throw EUR 42.82 17 may 2014 Horn
heptathlon 6545 (NR) 31 May/1 June 2014 Götzis

BP = best performance of all time (unofficial Dutch record)

Part Performance Date Place
60 m 7.14 3 March 2013 Göteborg
60 m hurdles 8.18 7 January 2012 Apeldoorn
high jump 1.74 January 25, 2009 Dortmund
long jump 6,43 15 February 2014 Birmingham
shot put 13.91 19 February 2012 Apeldoorn

Building PR all-around and potentially record based on personal records[Edit]Edit

In the table shows the breakdown of the personal best heptathlon. In the columns next to it also the potential State record, with all personal bests on the loose parts and the associated points.

Breakdown PR Potential record
Part Performance Wind (m/s) Points Record press. Points
100 m hurdles $ 13.13 -1.2 1105 $ 13.13 1105
high jump 1.69 842 1.80 978
shot put 13,69 773 14.19 807
200 m 22.35 + 1.5 1145 22.35 1145
long jump 6.48 -0.2 1001 6.59 1036
Javelin throw 41.39 694 EUR 42.82 721
800 m 2.08, 59 985 2.08, 59 985
Points Total 6545 6777

Performance Development[Edit]Edit

Year Heptathlon 60 m 100 m 200 m
2007 12,69
2008 4554 7.60 12,26 24.95
2009 5507 7.42 11,79 24.21
2010 5967 7.37 11.56 23.70
2011 6172 7.28 11.19 22,69
2012 6360 7.19 22.70
2013 6477 7.14 11.09 22,84


60 m[Edit]Edit

100 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2010: 5th FBK Games -11.56 s (+ 3.3 m/s)
  • 2011: Golden Spike [10]-11.50 s
  • 2011: [11]NK-11.41 s
  • 2012: Golden Spike [12]-11.36 s
  • 2012: 11,38 [13]NK -s (+ 0.1 m/s)
  • 2013: 3rd [14]in series Athletissima – 11.09 s
  • 2013: EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS U23 [15]-11.13 s (-0.7 m/s)
  • 2014: 7th FBK Games-11.34 s (-0.7 m/s)

150 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2012: Specke [16]To Jar in Lisse-17,35 s
  • 2013: [17]Flame Games in Amsterdam-16.93 s (BP)

200 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2011: 5th in ½ fin. World Cup 22,92 s (in heat 22,69 s = NR)
  • 2012: 5th 23,53 EK -s (in ½ fin. 22.70 s)

100 m hurdles[Edit]Edit

  • 2012: The 13,53 [18]Specke Jar-s (-1.0 m/s)
  • 2012: Flynth Record [19]matches to Horn-13.45 s
  • 2013: NK DNF (1st in heat-13,31 s; 0.0 m/s)
  • 2014: [20]Ter Specke Jar-13.20 s

long jump[Edit]Edit

  • 2011: [21]NK indoor-6,20 m (NJR)
  • 2012: Flynth Record [22]matches-6.25 m (+ 1.2 m/s)
  • 2012: [23]NK-6.54 m (+ 1.1 m/s)
  • 2013: [24]NK indoor 6.28 m
  • 2013: EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS [25]U23-6.59 m (+ 1.6 m/s)
  • 2014: 6,27 m [26]NK indoor

shot put[Edit]Edit

  • 2012: 4th Golden Spike-13,66 m

Javelin throw[Edit]Edit

  • 2011: 5th Golden Spike-40,18 m


  • 2010: OSMAN [27]-5967 p (NJR)
  • 2011: 8th to Götzis Hypo-Meeting -6172 p
  • 2011: [28]EUROPEAN YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS to Tallinn-6153 p
  • 2012: 7th Hypo-Meeting-6360 p (PR)
  • 2012: 12th OS -6324 p
  • 2013: [29]Hypo-Meeting-6287 p
  • 2013: WORLD CUP [30]-6477 p (NR)
  • 2014: [31]Hypo-Meeting-6545 p (NR)

4 x 100 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2010: 44,09 s [32]OSMAN-(NJR)
  • 2011: 3rd in heat World Cup 43,44 s (ev. NR)
  • 2012: [33]EK-42.80 s (NR)
  • 2012: 6th 42,70 OS -s (42,45 in series s = NR)
  • 2013: 4th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS U23-44,18 s
  • 2013: 4th in heat WORLD CUP-43,26 s


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