Emma Amos (born 18 August 1967 in Newcastle-under-LymeStaffordshire) is an English actress best known for playing Yvonne Sparrow in the last three series of time travel sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart alongside Nicholas Lyndhurst. She replaced original actress Michelle Holmes who held the role from 1993-1996. In 1992, she received much critical acclaim for her role of Sherbet Gravel in Philip Ridley's controversial stage play The Fastest Clock in the Universe.

Background [edit]Edit

In 1991, Emma landed a part in the British movie Buddy's Song. Designed as a vehicle for rising pop-talent Chesney Hawkes, the film also starred Roger Daltrey of rock band The Who as Terry, Buddy's dad. Emma was cast as Dawn, Terry's girlfriend but only featured in a few brief scenes. Emma's first notable TV role was in an episode of successful long-running sit-com Men Behaving Badly. She played the part of Mandy, the annoying girlfriend of Tony's brother in the episode "People Behaving Irritatingly".

Following a variety of similar supporting-part roles Emma eventually landed a starring role alongside Nicholas Lyndhurst in the time-travel sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart. Replacing Michelle Holmes mid-way through the series' 6 season run, Emma took on the role of time-travelling bigamist Gary Sparrow's 1990s wife, Yvonne. It was in the final three seasons that the character developed considerably, Emma's performance focusing on Yvonne's increasing success as a high-powered business woman. The show's creators also made the character a far sexier proposition than previously. She was often dressed in smart business suits with short skirts or seen exercising in tight-fitting lycra. In one notable episode, "The 'Ouses In Between", Emma took on the additional role of a music hall singer when husband Gary's time-travelling takes him further back than normal to Victorian times and an encounter with Jack the Ripper.

Since then, Emma has appeared in a range of British television's most popular TV series including CasualtyA Touch of FrostPeak PracticeMidsomer MurdersThe BillHeartbeatMy Family and Doctors. She has also been seen in the feature films Vera Drake and Bridget Jones's Diary. Emma played Julie Davies in The Last Detective. In January 2009, she appeared in a Churchill Insurance advert.

Emma Amos trained at the Royal College of Music from 1985 to 1989, and is married to the actor Jonathan Coy.

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