Frances Edmonds is a best selling author, broadcaster and cross cultural communicator and was born on 20th March 1952.

Frances Edmonds has been rated one of Britain’s most entertaining female speakers in a recent survey by The Times. A best-selling author, her non-fiction covers sport, politics, motivation, self-help and personal success. Enthusiastic, often controversial and always thought provoking, she consistently receives top ratings for her humorous and motivational presentations. A gifted, multilingual communicator, she also uses her linguistic, creative and broadcasting skills to deliver relevant, inspirational and, above all, realistic strategies for personal and professional fulfilment.

After graduating with honours in Modern Languages from Cambridge University, Frances trained as an international conference interpreter at the European Commission in Brussels. She went on to work for the major international organisations (EU, UN, OECD, WEU) and for the G7 heads of state and government at their annual World Economic Summits.

Her professional writing career began in 1986 when she accompanied her husband, international cricketer Phil Edmonds, on England’s disastrous tour to the West Indies. It was there that she wrote her first highly controversial bestseller, Another Bloody Tour, which shook English cricketing and sporting establishments to their foundations. In 1989, she wrote Members Only, a search for signs of independent, intelligent life in the Houses of Parliament. She found few.

Her book, Winning The Game of Life suggests tools for personal success and motivation and embraces techniques employed by many of Britain’s foremost captains of industry and sportsmen and women.

Frances Edmonds has wide experience on radio and television, hosting programmes as diverse as Women on Top, Men Behaving Sadly, A Game of Two Halves and The Greatest and appearing on programmes as different as Question Time and Question of Sport. And all this, in several languages…

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