Geesje Hendrika (Geke) Faber ('s-graveland5 August 1952) is a Dutch politician.

Faber studied psychology at the University of Groningen, but made this training does not af. She then worked as a journalist for a company magazine in 1978, before they board member was of the Red Women in the labour party and a member of the Provincial States of Friesland. From 1990 to 1998 she was Mayor of Zeewolde.

In 1998, F Secretary of State of agriculture, nature management and fisheries responsible for nature conservation, fisheries and nutrition issues in the cabinet Kok II. Her Secretary was in General, including by herself, not seen as success. Then she was acting Mayor of Wageningen and of 18 October 2005 to 15 June 2007 Acting Mayor ofDen Helder. On October 1, 2007 she was Mayor of Zaanstad.

Geke Faber is married to ex-politician Hero Wai.