Maria Gemma Umberta Pia Galgani (Camigliano di CapannoriTuscanyMarch 12, 1878 – april 11, Lucca1903) is an Italian Roman Catholic Saint.


Gemma Galgani was the daughter of a poor pharmacist. They suffered much because of her poor health and by the fact that they allowed nothing himself. She ate little and hardly, she slept on the bare ground, and sometimes they injured themselves. Gemma had a vision on a day in which the Holy Gabriel of the mother of Sorrows to her spoke. This Saint was in 1862 died but conducted in this vision a posthumous miracle by Gemma to cure her tuberculosis. Gemma polite much ecstasies and supernatural experiences. From1899 she had stigmata were visible at a single point in the week, and every week they got back. In 1900 came here also the head wounds of Jesus Christ 's Crown of thorns at.From 1901 she would also have to endure the whipping the wounds of weekly and daily have seen her guardian angel .


Galgani was, despite opposition due to the nature of her supernatural experiences, canonized in 1940 . Then came her worship, also in Netherlands, lightning fast going. As early as the 1940s were newborn children directly named after her. Her feast day is on april 11. Gemma is the patroness of the chemists and druggists. She is especially honored by the Congregation of the Passionist monastery, where they themselves also had wanted to onset. St. Gemma Chapel in Sittard , along with its associated Passionist monastery for women, founded in 1939, is a place of pilgrimage. An avid burial place was the well-known comedian Toon Hermans, whose funeral was arranged in the Gemma Chapel.