Hedwig (Hedy) d'Ancona (The HagueOctober 1 1937) is a Dutch sociologistsocial geographerpolitician and feminist.


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For years, she for the PvdA in the First Room and sat the European Parliament . In the first Van Agt Cabinet II (11 september 1981 to 29 May 1982) she was State Secretaryof Social Affairs and employment, among other things, responsible for adult educationworking conditions and equal opportunities; for the latter she was the first ' Secretary of State project '. In the Lubbers III Cabinet she was of 1989 to 1994 Minister for Welfarepublic health and Culture.

In addition, she is known as one of the founder of the feminist monthly magazine , of which they are Asidefrom 1972 to 1981 was Editor-in-Chief . Along with Joke Kool-Smitshe founded in 1968 the feminist action group male-female-Society on.

D'Ancona began her career as a tv producer for the VARA in 1962. Three years later, she was Senior Research Assistant in human geography at the University of Amsterdam, followed by the directorship (together with Maurice de Hond) in 1981 from the Beleidsadviserend Research Center.

Current features[Edit]Edit

Hedy d'Ancona sits in the Committee of recommendation of the Dutch Social Forum.

Since the beginning of 2009 put d'Ancona also in as Ambassador of Foundation B!NK, a foundation that deals with the suffering of children in non-Western countries.


D'Ancona is of Jewish descent. Her father was whisked away in the Second World War and died before the end of the war. Hedy was raised by her grandparents. She graduated cum laude in the social geography and sociology.

She is married to psychiatrist Guus De Boer, with whom she has two children, son Kevin and daughter Hadassah de Boer (television presenter). In the 1970s, former Mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn her life partner. She had a relationship with TV Director and presenter Berend Boudewijn. The last years, she has a relationship with the painter Aat veldhoen, the father of her daughter-in-law.

Contrary to popular thought, she has no immediate family of the journalist Jacques d'Ancona.

The Talk Of The Town[Edit]Edit

In 1996 , she was made by her colleague Mrs d'Ancona Leonie van Bladel to save in the European Parliament with her handbag. Valenzuela served in Parliament President Klaus Hänsch complained against Mrs d'Ancona. The quarrel was about an apartment that Mrs d'Ancona and Mrs Van Bladel shared in Brussels .

The talk of the town In 1999 hit d'Ancona when journalist Joep Dela Cruz in his book European idealists revealed that she as a member of the European Parliament by wrongly fees regularly to sign on Friday morning in the presence in the House, after which he departed immediately. Also unveiled Dela that d'Ancona her son bhavin Dalal, a partner in the Amsterdam design agency SA & De Boer VOF, gave the appearance of the printing commands of the PvdA-European delegation.