Ivonne Armant (b. 16th January 1974) began her journey in front of the camera when she was fifteen years old. Her first acting job was a commercial for Ricolino candies. Shortly after her initiation, Ivonne booked bit parts on a few popular Mexican soap operas. 

Her mother, Mexican child actress María Gracia, revealed her true parentage when Ivonne was 15-years-old. Until then, she was under the impression that her step-father, José Ángel Iglesias, was her biological father. Her biological father is actually José Dominguez, famous tenor Plácido Domingo's eldest son. 

Ivonne was the first Mexican to appear in a pictorial in Playboy in the United States. She was the winner of the 2nd edition of Big Brother V.I.P. in Spain, known as "Gran hermano VIP: El desafío" (2004). She was awarded 60,000 euros, or about US $81,000. She was selected by the Spanish television audience with 62% of the vote as the winner of the reality show after living and competing against other celebrities for 3 months in the same household. Upon learning that she was the winner, she hugged her mother and sobbed, "This was for you, this was for you!". 

'Armant' is her ex-husband's last name. After separating from him, she liked it so much that she decided to keep it as her stage name.

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