Mieke Telkamp , pseudonym of Mary Berendina Johanna Telgenkamp ( Oldenzaal , June 14 1934 ) is a Dutch singer . She is best known for the song Where, where , with which she made ​​her comeback in 1971.

Telkamp wrote between 1953 and 1967 many hits to her name. She also has a lot of success in Germany had, with the biggest hit " Prego, prego Gondoliers ". She won in 1957 the first prize, the Golden Gondola during the Venice Festival . She has in 1962 at the Knokke Song Contest in 1964 and participated in the Snip and Snap stood Revue.

Late 60s she pulled back on medical advice from show business. But early 70s she decided to blow her career. New life However, they are no longer performed in the country and limited singing to records, radio and television studios.

After Telkamps return to the music they achieved the biggest success of her career. She received in 1971, her first gold record for " Where, where , "a song written to the tune of" In the original Dutch text of Charles Hille, Amazing Grace . " She took Whither, which along with the Hi-Five led by Harry de Groot on an idea by Frank Jansen, who also did the production.

There is a CD released with its German successes, entitled " Tulips aus Amsterdam ". Mieke Telkamp was the first Dutch singer after the Second World War again sang in German, which has produced. her much appreciation in the German-speaking countries Since 1955, appeared in Germany many plates with " Du bist mein erster Gedanke "was the first. Her first German title "Tomorrow komm 'ich wieder "was only released in the Netherlands in 1953 and became a huge success.

Telkamp in 1978 was the first person in show business who was appointed Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau .

In August 2008, a DVD titled " All for you ", to which 40 songs picture recordings are from the period 1959-1989.

On December 13, 2008 was to Telkamp a Diamond Award presented by the broadcaster MAX , for the sale of one million copies of the album "What Where".

On 10 March 2011 she took at Omroep MAX final farewell to the general public.

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