Natalie Verney (b.18th October 1979) is already a regular feature on the British screens as she is currently a newscaster for 5 News. She started her career there presenting the weather bulletins but so impressed the executives with her professionalism and potential they snapped her up for the evening and weekend news programme which she continues to front, to popular acclaim. 

Natalie is passionate, bright and genuine. Having started out in theatre and film she soon realised that her investigative mind and desire to share her discoveries meant that presenting was the path to showcase her real talents.

Having retrained as a Broadcast Journalist, in a very short time she has made a big impact. Natalie was very quickly offered the full-time position of drive-time newsreader at Heart Radio. There, she not only read the news bulletins live every afternoon but she was also asked to present live reports from events like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Torch Relay for the Breakfast Show. Natalie impressed the editors at Global Radio so much that some of her work has been shared nationally across the company’s other brands, for example an interview Natalie recorded with one of Jimmy Savile’s alleged victims was played out not only on Heart but also on Capital, LBC and Classic up and down the country.

As well as her passion for broadcasting Natalie is an animal lover. From a young age she chose to give up her free time to help raise money for Save The Elephants who fight against the ivory trade. Only a year ago Natalie spent a week volunteering at a sanctuary in Thailand that saves elephants from being treated cruelly through the tourism trade. But it doesn’t matter what animal it is – Natalie will want to save it!

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