Patricia J. "Patty" Donahue (March 29, 1956 – December 9, 1996) was the American lead singer of the 1980s new wave group The Waitresses.

Career [edit]Edit

During the recording of the second and final Waitresses' albumBruiseology, Donahue left the band and was replaced with Holly Beth Vincent. Donahue rejoined afterward. After The Waitresses broke up, Donahue generally kept a low profile, though she is credited on Alice Cooper's Zipper Catches Skin with "vocals and sarcasm." She later worked for ABC in the Political Unit and then at MCA in the A&R department.

Death [edit]Edit

On December 9, 1996, Donahue died of lung cancer at the age of 40 after battling it for almost a year. She had been a heavy smoker most of her adult life. A native of Cleveland, Donahue was interred in the Holy Cross Cemetery, in nearby Brook Park.

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