Pauline van Rhenen (Haarlem, 15 March 1946) is a Dutch actress.

Pauline van Rhenen attended the HBS and studied at the theatre school in Amsterdam. In 1970 she made her debut at Theatre Wim Summer. Then she was nearly ten years connected with theatre group Theatre. In 1979 she won for her portrayal of Vittoria in the outdoor at the Colombina (price for best supporting actress).

Except in the theater, was also working for the Victoria radio and they played in the films Flanagan (1975) and a bridge too far (1977). From 1994 to 2004 she played the role of Aafke Reitsema on the soap opera Onderweg naar morgen .

At the beginning of 2008 was Pauline shows up as the mother of Oberon by Raven whisk (Antonie Kamerling) in women's football. In 2009 she played the role of Adolphine venom in the four-part drama series about the life of Princess JulianaJuliana.

Pauline van Rhenen is married with actor Wik Jongsma.