Rosie Hetherington (b. 9th April 1960) is a British dancer who was best known for being a member of Legs and Co between 1976 and 1981.


Having attended the Italia Conti Stage School at the age of eleven before leaving and joined Legs and Co at the age of 16 and performed until 1981 with them on Top of the Pops.

Life after Legs and Co.Edit

Having left Legs and Co. in October 1981 she received a phone call from Julie Forsyth from Guys and Dolls. Julie asked Rosie if she was interested in joining in which she did in December 1981.

Having left Guys and Dolls when they broke up in 1985 she did some gigs and opened a very successful clothes shop in Brighton where she met her husband Clive. When she and her husband moved back to London she did some more gigs before raising a family.

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