Sue Menhenick (b. 9th September 1955) is a British dancer who is best remembered for being one of the dancers of Pan's People, Ruby Flipper and Legs and Co. She debuted on Top of the Pops in June 1974 as one of the dancers of Pan's People.

When Pan's People left Top of the Pops in 1976 Sue stayed on and appeared in a new but short lived dancing troupe Ruby Flipper and later that year she joined Legs and Co.

The end of Legs & Co. on Top of the PopsEdit

When Legs and Co. made their final appearance on 2nd December 1982 and two weeks after they left the show, one of 'the dancers Sue Menhenick made a final appearance on TOTP on 16th December 1982 marked Menhenick's final appearance as a dancer on Top of the Pops after over eight years, making her the second-longest serving dancer on the programme, after Ruth Pearson. Sue was credited as a member of Zoo in the end credits for the programme, making her unique in being credited for appearing as a member of four different dance troupes in her time on TOTP.

Life after Top of the PopsEdit

Since leaving Top of the Pops Sue worked with chereographer 'Michael Ho and appeared in the BBC arts programme Riverside'in which she did a workshop as well as appearing in the 1983 'film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. But she continued to be in Legs and Co. until they split up in 1985.

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